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It's said that music is the language of the soul and nothing is more true in the case of this professional musician. As an artist, Blai Vidal creates soundscapes through his personal and eclectic way of composing. The live recitals, studio recordings and other performances by Blai Vidal continue charming with their distinctive sound and wonderful musical style. Explore the website and discover its music.

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Live at Santanyi Theatre 2019

"Luz y Sombra"

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A Music Travel

Blai Vidal, (Palma de Mallorca 1980)

Singer, guitarist and composer born in Palma de Mallorca in 1980. Always surrounded by a musical environment of his family. His musical studies begin at the age of seven and, when he was twelve, he decides to venture to live and express himself with the amazing art of music. At thirteen he formed his first band called "Spike Jonze" with This Training movements in grunge and pop-rock styles. At seventeen he began his studies at the Palma School of Art. There he founded a new band called "Toy Box" and with it began to develop with other musical styles such as blues. This project falls apart when Vidal decides to continue his musical studies in Barcelona and attends the Professional Degree of Music in Badalona. During his early stay in this city, he dedicated himself to playing alone and choosing the main stage of the Muntaner train station (BCN), where he inspired himself one night.

A weekend at the Viva Live Music Festival, he met playing drummer and percussionist Pol Parera and bassist and bassist Bernat Guardia on the street and began playing alongside a band called "The 13th Session", which links the expression multicultural open to The collaboration is based on other musicians apart from the Trio. In the summer of 2003 Blai Vidal moved to Mallorca and at this moment he plays with Miki Campins on drums and percussion and Gabriel Cruz on bass and bass.

As a remarkable fact, it can be mentioned that they were finalists in the Contest of Young Artists of Modern and Contemporary Music of the Balearic Islands, only 22 years old. A year later, Vidal returns to reform the group because drummer Miki Campins decides to continue his musical studies in Sweden and Blai creates a band called Art Quartet. Composed by Omar Lanuti on guitar, Rubén García on drums and percussion and Juanan Torrandell on bass and double bass. With this group mixed underground sounds with Jazz, Folk and Fusion, you can say that the first album recorded by Vidal has been the result of all these years of going hand in hand and it was with the Art Ensemble Quartet with whom in the last October of 2007 He made these recording sessions in the urban studios of Palma. from Mallorca and in front of them Rafa Rigo as sound technician and mastered by Mateu Picornell.

Blai Vidal has performed in several rooms and clubs in Catalonia and the Balearic Islands, such as the Jazz Si Club Barcelona, ​​the Clap room Mataro, the Groove Room Tarragona, the Assaig Room Palma de Mallorca, the Jazz Voayeur de Palma, Sa Cova Santanyí ( Palma de Mallorca), Café Bohemia, among others. He was selected for a contest in Mataró to go to Bosnia to Featival Multicultural Music and Dance Mostar (Bosnia) that could not attend for health reasons. Vidal finished his guitar studies at the Conservatory of Music and Dance of the Balearic Islands and settled again in Barcelona, ​​where he studied opera and piano at the Conservatory of Badalona and also graduated in his musicology studies at the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

Vidal also participated as a countertenor in the production of the soundtrack of the film "El Consul de Sodoma", based on the life of the poet Jaime Gil de Biedma, directed by Sigfrid Monleón. In these years in Barcelona, ​​Blai Vidal acts accompanied by great musicians and friends such as: Drums of Pol Parera, Bernat Guardia on bass and double bass, and Sebastian Burguera guitars.

We must also mention that currently Blai Vidal has created a musical project called "Blai Vidal Aïgo Project" with the aim of creating sound bridges between different cultures, his compositions wish to travel the listener to different places in the world. From the Mediterranean, and other places such as Turkey, Ireland, China and others, always making a mixture of styles that are diluted in drops of Jazz, Classical Music or World Music that become small "sketches" of poetry and sound landscape. With this latest project in 2019 he performed at Nordhessen Sommer Kultur Festival in Kassel (Germany), at the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh (Scotland), and in various cities in Spain such as the Mola in Formentera or the Santanyí Theater.

In 2018 his Album “The Kite & The Dog” was nominated one of the three best Jazz / World Music Albums of the year in the Balearic Islands Music Awards .

"The secret of music is in the transience of all the little things that surround it"



November 2019



Concert on August 2019



Live Concert Formentera 2019